“I was dragged into home-theatre story like many others. At least I am happy I choose PMC300, which is a superb stereo amplifier as well.” G. M.

AA PMC300 is a 4-channel hybrid power amplifier that extends the AA philosophy to a home theater environment. Its design follows the AA approach – using vacuum tube triode as a voltage amplifier to drive the MOSFET power unit.
A multichannel amplifier with an output power of 4 x 75W is aimed at lovers of music that is reproduced without negative feedback.

The single ended class A voltage amplifier realized with triode vacuum tube amplifies the input signal to the required amplitude, the push pull power class AB current amplifier (MOSFET) that follows provides the required current. This pure and simple configuration lets the listener enjoy the music.
Push button selection of output power allows the listener to drive the main (front) speakers with higher power (bridge connection) without interrupting the music program. Power supply management and turn-on delay is performed by dedicated logic. Vacuum tubes filaments in the driver stage are also DC regulated and stabilized.

Inputs 4x RCA 100k 1V (RMS)
1 x Power On/Off Remote
Output power
(switchable – High Power mode)
4x 75W 4 ohm RMS or
2x 150W 8 ohm RMS
Amplification 26 dB
Outputs 4x pairs of high quality binding posts 4mm
Vaccum tube 12BH7
Dimensions (W x D x H) 295 x 465 x 93 mm
Weight 13 Kg
Finish Dark Shadow, Silver, Inox, Chrome, natural solid wood (i.e. walnut) or upon order in various colors or materials
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