AA SE 11

“On the paper not loaded with power, but in the room there is more than enough boost for any modern speakers.” U. E.

A single ended amplifier with an output power of 2 x 8 W the SE11 is aimed at lovers of music that is reproduced without negative feedback. Audio Alto’s signature circuit design and layout helps keep distortion to a minimum while increasing damping factor. The single ended output stage configuration allied to specially design toroidal transformers lets the listener focused on one and only thing that maters- sound.

Source selection and other functions are controlled with push buttons or via remote control, with switching of inputs and outputs through high quality relays. Power supply management and turn-on delay is performed by microcontroller and there are separate FET-stabilized supplies for the input and output stages respectively. Valve filaments in the input and driver stages are also DC regulated and stabilized.

Inputs 2 x XLR 100K (Balanced)
3 x RCA 100K
1 x RCA 100K (Tape Monitor)
Output 1 x RCA Tape, 1 x Headphone (100 Ohm or more)
Volume control manual and remote
Sensitivity 0,707 V (RMS)
Speaker output 8W (triode)
4/8 Ohm
Vaccum tubes 4x 6SN7, 4x KT88
Dimensions (W x D x H) 450 x 450 x 180 mm
Weight 30 kg
Finish Black, Silver, Inox, Chrome, natural solid wood (i.e. walnut) or upon order in various colors or materials
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