“I have changed power stages, TT, D/A… you name it, but PSE10 remains trustworthy preamp for my system.” A. H.

The AA Compact series’ aesthetics and elegant look was a (hard) task to achieve, especially when taken into consideration that all models use tubes as voltage amplification and that some of them weight up to 25kg. The enclosure is made of extruded, 10mm thick aluminum (or brass in chromed version). The result of this is a concept that combines strength and acoustic stability with a minimalistic and elegant outer appearance. The power supply uses two toroidal transformers with electrostatic shield (for each mono section). All supply voltages are regulated and are time and amplitude delayed for smooth power up. The tube life span is in this way prolonged to over 10.000 hours.The AA PSE10 uses single ended class A topology from input to output.
The assembly of the unit is handmade; all components are tested for functionality and tolerances before being installed.
We are sure that such approach in design and building will give our customers great satisfaction while using and enjoying the music for many years!

Inputs 1 x RCA Phono RIAA:
1 x Moving Coil 0,5mV (adaptive impedance)
1 x Moving Magnet  5mV (adaptive impedance)
1 x RCA 100k 400mV
1 x RCA 10K 2V (CD)
1 x RCA 100K 400 mV (Tape Monitor)
Outputs 2 x RCA output 600 Ohm (gain 9 dB)
1 x RCA Tape
1 x phones (300 Ohm or more)
2 x Power Remote
Functions control manual or radio remote controler (optional)
Vaccum tubes 4x 6922 (E88CC/6DJ8), 2 x 12BH7a
Dimensions (W x D x H) 295 x 465 x 93 mm
Weight 11 Kg
Finish Dark Shadow, Silver, Chrome, natural solid wood (i.e. walnut) or upon order in various colors and materials
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