AA LA17 OB is a very special speaker system in all respects. When designing, we had in mind primarily the speaker system, which will meet the modern needs for connectivity, flexibility and superior sound. AA LA17 OB is, as far as functionality is concerned, the top of our offer. In design phase, the speaker system price was not a priority. The design is without compromise, the sound system with such a design allows for all the functionalities and settings that other users can realize only in a much larger number of individual units / components.

Beauty of sound

AA LA17 OB is a speaker system without a “box” so the sound is natural and free of distortions caused by a normally closed enclosure. The sound from the system propagates in a dipole way and in the room, due to its orientation, it causes minimal sound resonances. The loudspeaker shape is optimized to direct the sound pressure to the listening point, thereby further reducing sound reflections in the room. That’s why we call it “The Sound Projector“. The form or the curve can be adjusted according to the needs of the space.

The system consists of 34 speaker units, including 30 broad band units and 4 sub woofers. Full range units can be controlled by an external amplifier (passive mode) or active with an integrated amplifier (400W in each unit), while low tone units are always controlled with a built-in amplifier (each 400W unit). The mode of operation of full range units can be selected as current or voltage driven.

A digital audio processor is also installed in each unit, allowing filter settings to optimize the sound of the system in the room (up to 24 biquad channels). The unit is accompanied by a software package with which the user can graphically build the optimization course. There are also four presets that can be easily selected by pressing the button on the back panel.



The system inputs are symmetrical and asymmetrical (XLR and RCA), speaker input with 4mm binding posts and a digital input AES / EBU. The system can optionally include Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX protocol.

With its performance, the AA LA17 OB is positioned to the very top of the range of all passive/active speaker systems, and with its capabilities and functionality, it will surprise even the most demanding listener.

As the famous saying says: “I have to try to believe …”


»The way the LA17PA handles all kind of music so far outclasses most boxed loudspeakers we have heard.« – 6moons reviewers: Marja and Henk

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