AA R101 FR

The AA R101 FR is a stand-alone speaker, designed to take up very little space with its small, special shape and offers outstanding sound reproduction. The central and only unit is a special unit that can reproduce all six octaves. The use of such a special unit provides an extremely accurate and natural sound image with a strong articulated bass. The loudspeaker is suitable for small and medium sized rooms (up to 35 m2) and will allow fans of quality and pleasant listening to music extraordinary depth, width and detail of the sound image.

The diaphragm on the broadband unit is made of special alloy, which offers extremely low mass and thickness, enabling exceptional high-quality reproduction in a wide sound range from 36 Hz to 23,000 Hz, up to 102 dB of air pressure.


  • Impedance

    6 ohm

  • Frequency range

    36 – 23.000 Hz +- 3 dB

  • Sensitivity

    85 dB

  • Phase shift

    above 100Hz
    from +28 st. to -2 st.

  • Room size

    up to 35 m2

  • Dimensions

    (W x D x H) 260 x 105 (with base 200mm) x 1030 mm

  • Weight

    15 Kg

  • Finish (upon order)

    various colors, veneers and leather