“This amp is all about royalty. Beautiful sculpture packed with power and emotions promises” S. B.

A PP50 is powerful push-pull amplifier with an output of 2 x 50W. Such outperformed equipment deserves nothing less than exquisite and noble housing from different materials. Anatomy is proved and harmonized with this upper-class demands.

Like every Audio Alto component, finish is detailed, leaving no doubts about production efforts from the early blueprint.

Well-known controls and pinpoint remote control give all necessary room for music enjoyment.
Signal and power stages are well defined living no possibility for cross-contamination.
Plenty of inputs, solid speakers connectors and precise volume attenuator help extract the tune you like in whole.

Inputs 2 x XLR 100K (Balanced) 3 x RCA 100k 1 x RCA 100K (Tape Monitor)
Ouput 1 x RCA Tape, 1 x Headphone (100 Ohm or more)
Volume control manual and remote
Sensitivity 0,707 V (RMS)
Speakers output 27 W (triode) 40 W (Ultra linear) 50 W (Pentode) 4-8 ohm
Vaccum tubes 4x 6SN7, 4x KT88
Dimensions (W x D x H) 450 x 450 x 180 mm
Weight 28 kg
Finish Dark Shadow, Silver, Inox, Chrome, natural solid wood (i.e. walnut) or upon order in various colors or materials
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