AA 1A Amplifier

After 12 years of design, projects and manufactured audio units, after we introduced our Reference Anniversary Line, was our intention and goal, to build up an entry line of products, a Headphone Amplifier/Line Preamplifier and a Power Amplifier. On its way is also a Multi Media Center.

As our goal was also to introduce very affordable audio preamplifiers/amplifiers series (but without any major compromises) the decision was not easy. So we developed amplifier approach to follow our commitment to provide natural, pleasing reproduction systems. The power amplifier is without crossover distortion even though it is not working in Class A. We are proud that, even though the series is an entry level and affordable, it follows Audio Alto concept. AA 1P is a compact power amplifier that provides up to 2x 125W into 4 Ohms load or in bridge mode 250W into 4/8 Ohm load.