Buying directly from Audio Alto offers many advantages. As pointed under AA Philosophy, we combine development, production and sell. Audio Alto core staff advise you optimally and promptly. Making deals right here and right now, or making deals with our partners, you get the best sound for the best price delivered directly to the comfort of your home.

Our products are made to order, so we do not keep finished products in stock.

We stock finished cabinets, enclosures and electronic modules of some standard models. In this way we can adapt to your wishes about the options and finish of the product you would like to order.

On AA Web Shop we do not handle online (internet) payment. Your “Checkout” action in our webshop notifies us and we will respond to your wishes with an email answer. In this way we will together find the best solution to fulfill your wishes in configuring the product. Via mail or phone conversation we will agree on all the details regarding the product and payment.