LTD Tonearm

LTD Tonearm

LTD is a highly refined version of the Well Tempered Lab tonearm,featuring the new Symmetrex configuration.

“The Symmetrex tonearm has the unique feature of dynamic tracking. The centre of gravity of the tonearm assembly is well above the rotational pivot of the ball and the ball is immersed in approximately 30% in the damping fluid. When the stylus encounters heavy modulation in the grooves the increased drag causes the tonearm to rotate down thus gently increasing the tracking force maintaining a secure and stable condition for every cartridge” – William Firebaugh, Chief Engineer.

The Symmetrex tonearm configuration still uses a fully internal damped arm tube and precision made golf ball suspended in silicone fluid for perfect damping, with the added advantage of enhanced trackability over even the most torturous groove modulation.


  • 10.5’’ effective length (9″ version available)
  • Full damped tonearm
  • Simple azimuth adjustment
  • Armlift/Cueing device
  • Effective mass 10gm
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