AA O105 – Open Baffle Active Speakers System

AA O105 is a very special speaker in all respects. When designing it, we had in mind primarily the speaker system, which will meet the modern needs for connectivity, flexibility, superior sound and a superb look. AA O105 is in the top of our offer. In the design phase, the rationalization of prices was not a priority. The design, craftsmanship and appearance are without compromise.

Beauty of sound

AA O105 is a speaker system without a “box” so the sound is natural and free of distortions caused by a normally closed enclosure. The sound from the system is dipole spread and due to its orientation, it causes minimal sound reflections and resonance. One big advantage with such design is restriction on the spread of low frequencies outside the listening area. This, of course, greatly reduces the annoying noise of the neighbors.

The system consists of six speaker units, two full range units and four (sub) woofers. The six drivers – two 5-inch units and four 12-inch subwoofers, are driven with six power amplifiers providing total 2 x 600W RMS of power. The system has analog (RCA/XLR) and digital inputs (S/PDIF, AES).

A digital signal processor is installed in each unit, allowing for optional sound optimization of the system in the room. The unit is accompanied by a software package with which we can graphically build the optimization course. As option the three setup presets can be controlled by an remote control. With the remote control the user can set also the volume, mute the sound and turn on or off the system. The system power on or off can also be performed with the presence of music at the inputs of the units.


The system outlook can be ordered in various finishes including various colors (matte or piano polished) or different veneers (oiled or piano polished).

With its performance, the AA O105 is positioned to the very top of the range of all passive/active speaker systems, and with its capabilities and functionality, it will surprise even the most demanding listener.


  • Inputs

    XLR / RCA 19dBm / 8dBm
    Digital input – AES/EBU 192kHz/24 bits (S/PDIF)
    USB (settings)

  • Input impedance

    44K ohm XLR/RCA, S/PDIF / AES 75 Ohm

  • Frequency range

    20 – 20.000 Hz +- 3 dB

  • Phase shift

    beyond 150Hz 0 deg

  • Output power

    Total 2x 600W

  • Room size

    from 25 up to 100 m2

  • Dimensions

    (W x D x H) 440 x 340 x 1580 mm

  • Weight

    45 Kg

  • Finish (upon order)

    Polished or matte colors, different veneers