AA O105 SL – Active/Passive Speakers System

The AA O105 SL is a speaker system that is designed to be placed alongside the larger AA O105 system. The AA O105 SL subwoofers are 10-inch units (in the AA O105, the 12-inch units). The full range unit remains the same in size. The concept of the system is the same as the AA O105. The design of the AA O105 SL, embraces the features of the AA O105 system into a smaller and more accessible system. We achieved this without major compromises. With a choice of special 10-inch subwoofers and special sandwich construction, the system is much lighter while maintaining rigidity. It is intended for use in slightly smaller spaces (up to 100 m2), but retains all the flexibility of layout and settings as AA O105. The system can be active or passive.

The weight of each unit is quite low so the speaker system is flexible to setup, easy to position and adjust. Moderate weight also facilitates internet orders and reduces transportation cost.

Beauty of sound

AA O105 SL is a speaker system without a “box” so the sound is natural, pleasant and free of distortions caused by a normally closed enclosure with bass reflex solution. The system causes minimal sound reflections and resonance in the room because the dipole concept spreads the sound more optimally. So the one big advantage with such design is restriction on the spread of low frequencies outside the listening area. This reduces the volume of music played that neighbors could hear and would be annoying to them.

AA O105 SL includes six speaker units, two full range units and four sub-woofers. The drivers are 5-inch and 10-inch units. The system can be active (with integrated power amplifiers) or passive (external power amplifiers needed).

AA O105 SL is an active system with four power amplifiers providing total 2 x 250W RMS of power. The installed digital signal processor (DSP) offers sound optimization of the system in the room with its 9-pole parametric equalizer. The unit is accompanied by a software package with which we can graphically correct the reproduction response. User can preset three personal equalization (e.g. for quiet and loud listening). The system features XLR and RCA analog inputs, remote control for presets and volume and power on/off. Power on/off can be controlled also with audio input signal.

AA O105 SL P as a passive system provides Bi-amping (Bi-wiring) and allows regulation of mid and high frequencies with three settings (-2dB, 0dB and + 2dB). The sub-woofers and the full range unit are passively filtered at 150 Hz.


The system appearance can be ordered in various finishes including various colors (matte or piano polished or different veneers, oiled or piano polished).

With its performance, the AA O105 SL is positioned to the very top of the range of all passive/active speaker systems, and with its capabilities and functionality, it will surprise even the most demanding listener.

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