AA ANP Phono Preamplifier

Reference Anniversary True Balanced Phono Preamplifier ANP

The design is without compromise, the sound system with such a design allows for all the functionalities and settings that other users can realize only in a much larger number of individual units / components. In the design phase, the rationalization of prices was not a priority. The preamplifier and power supply unit are both in each dedicated enclosures. Chassis are made of high grade aluminum, copper and stainless steel sheets cover. Both components have additional aluminum heat sinks fins, that’s lowering internal temperature and prolong electronic parts lifetime. Both units are placed on the special and in-house developed anti vibration feet to minimize microphonics effect on vacuum tubes and capacitors.


  • truly balanced design “Class A”, dual mono separated signal channels, no global negative feedback
  • input and output section realized as module, realized with 2 mm thick special treated copper sheet
  • minimalistic no compromise design (cost no object)
  • two cartridges (MM/MC) inputs
  • input impedance adjustment with a customized adapter
  • six low noise JFETs in paralel for lower noise conected in cascode mode with three (per channel) specially selected and matched EH 6922 low noise gold triode amplification for true balanced operation with ceramic tube sockets with gold plated contacts
  • passive RIAA equalization
  • mechanical symmetry design
  • balanced and differential inputs (XLR and RCA), balanced and single ended outputs (RCA)
  • WBT Nextgen 0210 Cu RCA input and output connectors, Neutric XLR input and output connectors
  • pure silver Teflon sleeve coated signal wires (minimizing) the impact on reproduced sound
  • inputs, that are not in use are completely detached from the preamplifier to minimize interference and noise impact
  • source selection via special »memory« signal relays with gold and silver contacts
  • no electrolytic capacitor in audio path (including power supply circuits), only high grade polypropylene capacitors, one (with transformer as option) or two high grade silver oil capacitors in audio path
  • Kiwame audio high grade low noise high tension resistors , Tackman audio high grade resistors
  • finish: anodized in natural aluminum color and chromed or anodized and gilded in Gold



2 x balanced or differential (selection)


2 x balanced

2 x single ended (RCA)


MM 42dB; MC 62 dB

Output Voltage (maximum) +29 dBU – 21,8 Vrms, 61 Vpp; 100 K Ohm load – 111 V peak, 78,7V rms
Frequency response

20 Hz — 20 kHz +/- 0.25 dB

Vacuum tubes 6 x 6922 (E88CC) Triode – selection with gold pins; 2 x 6CA4 Rectifier Selected
Dimensions (W x D x H) 466 x 472 x 130 mm
Weight 11.5 Kg Amplifying unit; 20 Kg Power supply unit
Finish Satin anodized aluminum, Chrome or gilded in Gold
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